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does anyone have an idea for a psychology grad cake? my only thought was text books but i have already done a "book cake" for her (my daughter) on another birthday. any suggestions welcome! thank you.
need to make a fishing boat in icey water. would like to make some poured sugar ice to break up and place in chunks. anytime i have worked with it it turns an amber color. is there a way to make clear ice out of sugar? don't have any isomalt. thanks
great idea. would be very helpful.
unable to download the latest matrix. what should i do? my email is (mod edited.) if anyone could email it to me. thanks so much
need to make a bunch of leaves to top cupcakes. i wanted to try something other than fondant/gumpaste as this is for kids and i thought they might not eat them. i experimented with modeling chocolate for the first time--tasted good but i wasn't crazy about how they looked. couldn't get a good "leafy green color' and they didn't dry to hold their shape like fondant/gumpaste does. wondered if any of you have experience with modeling chocolate. is this a common problem...
thank you for the ideas. do you know if you can make a white chocolate modeling clay and add coloring to it? have never tried modeling chocolate before
need to do a cake for a homecoming dinner working with the theme "all roads lead to rome". am thinking of doing a roman laurel wreath out of cupcakes. any suggestions on how to get those leaves really looking like laurel leaves? i thought the kids might like chocolate leaves, but may be hard to get the look i want. if i go to gumpaste/fondant what particular leaf mold would you use? thanks so much
thanks, doug. love the ideas. i actually have a stadium pan, could possibly do something with that.
am doing dessert for a pre-homecoming dance dinner. the theme is "all roads lead to rome". i can do a cake, little individual cakes or cupcakes. problem is, no ideas whatsoever. any help is greatly appreciated. patty
i went to the faux bavarian cream link and it called for "Pastry Pride"--not familiar with this. Can anyone tell me what it is and where you can find it?thanks.
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