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overbaking may have been the problem. the "toothpick test" kept coming out with batter sticking to it, so I kept extending the baking time until it was clean. may have gone overboard. perhaps i should try again.
how would i make fringe to go around beach umbrella (would be using jem 3D beach umbrella cutter). also, wanted to make waves around the cake with a fondant wrap but can't figure out how to cut the waves. any suggestions? oh, one more thing, what's the best way to make sand?thank you
making sugarshack's tote bag/purse with champagne bottle and i need a sturdy cake to carve and support the weight of the bottle. would love to make pink champagne cake to go with the theme, have never made it. do you think it would be sturdy enough? any suggestions? thank you
i am looking for recipes sturdy enough to carve, support fondant and a heavy chocolate wine bottle. made it once with a scratch pound cake. it looked good but was dry and tasteless. would love to try champagne cake, but afraid it is too soft (have never made it). any sturdy cake suggestions?
also thinking about getting these pans. do you torte and fill each pan to make a tier? don't quite understand
thinking about getting the fat daddios mad datter pans. has anyone tried them and what did you think? is there a problem with cakes cooking unevenly? any tips?
one other thought, i used three layers--is that perhaps too many? didn't know how many to use when tapering
was going to do one for an order, they requested red velvet. thought about trying the rv mix and doctoring it. now i'm afraid to try. any thoughts on that?
just tried a tapered cake for the first time. used wasc recipe (DH yellow mix). was so proud of how nice the angle was looking (trimmed a 10 inch to 8 at the bottom). when i flipped it over, it fell apart! is wasc too soft for tapering? anyone ever had this problem?
i was using the wrong term--i plan to carve the cake down so it is bigger on top than on the bottom. so my question is, if i want three carved tiers, what sizes do they have to be to have enough servings. 12, 9, 6 or 12,10,8? to get the whimsical effect would i carve a 12 inch down to 11 or 10 at the bottom? sorry for the confusion
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