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i saw so many awesome pictures in the galleries of "beer bottle cakes" that look real. can anyone teach me how to do that? how do you make the labels look so real?--thanks, patty
i forgot to ask you in my other reply--how did you go about making the face mask? thanks, patty
OH MY!!! You are unbelievable! Your cakes are just gorgeous. I'm afraid I'm nowhere near your skill level but I appreciate your sharing--am going to give it a try. did you color your fondant by hand or use an airbrush?
can anyone advise me on how to make a 3-D football helmet cake? i'd like to cover it in fondant. it needs to be navy blue--i don't have an airbrush and could also use some advice on getting such a dark color on it evenly. thank you
i feel your pain. sounds like a similar night i just had. you mentioned the lumpy and bumpy fondant--what causes that? is it the thickness of the fondant or something with the icing? have had a lot of trouble with it lately
i thought perhaps the fondant was too thick, ie too heavy, but then i could see every bump in the cake --??? the corners started to get that elephant look, too. maybe it was the buttercream. i like the taste of that simple buttercream, don't care for the crisco ones or the buttery swiss meringue ones. but perhaps it didn't have enough "structure" to support the fondant.??
can anyone help me prevent this from happening again? i was making a "present" cake--three 6 inch layers with buttercream filling and icing. i used the same buttercream i always have--just butter, powdered sugar , milk and vanilla. after i covered it with fondant, the fondant started "stretching" and sagging. it almost seemed like it was sliding off. i took it off, iced it again, refrigerated it for a while and tried again. same problem. what could have caused...
i want to make a coach purse cake and have seen pictures where the "C" logo looks exactly like a real bag. can anyone tell me how to do this?--thanks
if you do split the cake how much simple syrup do you use to moisten the cake?
I have a novice's question perhaps some experienced cake decorators can answer. am making a tiered cake and am using 2 inch deep pans. do i need to split and fill the cakes or can I use two cakes with a filling in between? thanks
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