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Thank you, Wilma,Love your photos! So do you carve an arch in the cake for the wheels to fit into? (that probably made no sense). Am trying to make a uhaul truck, don't have a model to work from but the shape isn't too complicated. Thanks again.Patty
Can anyone share tips, instructions on making a truck cake? Making a uhaul truck ,have never done one. Am wondering specifically about how to do the wheels and the cab.Thanks.
Would like to try making sugar wine glasses. Wondering if you can buy the molds pre made or if you have to make them. The video I watched makes it look easy but would like to know how difficult those who have made these found it to be.Thanks!
If you were going to carve a sock monkey, would you start with round or square cakes? Not much experience with carving, can't decide how to get that cylinder shape. Thanks.
About to attempt my first sock monkey cake. Want to make either a 3-d medium sized monkey to sit on top of cake, or perhaps a whole cake as a monkey. Am seeking advice from anyone who has done a sock monkey--not sure how to go about this. Thank you!
Want to make a glee cake for my daughter's birthday. Have seen several that used the glee logo with the hand/fingers. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Would be very grateful for your help.
thank you all for helping me out with your suggestions. I ended up using the melted chocolate and it held just fine. cake saved!
it is standing up
big problem. making a tote bag cake. made a fairly large logo out of fondant/gumpaste for the front pocket of the bag. logo stuck to the cardboard cake board it was on. cracked while trying to get it off. had to leave it on the cardboard and cut it out around now it is pretty heavy with the fondant plus cardboard. how can i attach it to the cake without pulling the fondant off the cake? was going to make a large pocket for the bag and have the logo on the pocket. is...
making a beach bag cake, would like to have a beach towel coming out of it. can anyone give me suggestions on how to make a fondant towel that has some texture to it to look like a real towel? would like to make it striped, how should i do that so it isn't too bulky? thanks
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