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Would love to do a groom's cake for my son's wedding, but I have to fly. Has anyone ever done this? Any advice ? Thanks, Patty
Can anyone advise me on the best way to put some folds into a fondant covered soccer jersey cake?
Christine, don't get too excited. This will be my first castle! Haha. It is for my daughter, a huge Downton fan, and am pretty sure she will be forgiving of any shortcomings. Thanks, all,for the tips! If you have further ideas or suggestions please send them along!
Do you apply them dry?
am going to attempt a downton abbey cake using ivory fondant tof cover the castle. Pictures of the real castle do not look like stone blocks, rather a smooth surface.  How can I get the aged look/coloring?  Tried practicing, painting brown gel over the fondant and dabbing off but was "too much".  Any suggestions appreciated !
Love this idea!
Needing some suggestions for a downton abbey themed cake. Would like to do a 3d of the building. Looks very complicated. I have never done a building and don't know how to go about this. Any suggestions or tutorials appreciated! Thanks
Will be attempting a beer cooler cake soon. Can't decide fondant or buttercream--which would look better. Usually like fondant best but wondered if the buttercream could resemble the texture of a cooler better? Thank you for your opinions!Patty
Am trying to color fondant and buttercream a Carolina blue without success. Sky blue, royal blue, navy blue-none of these are that Carolina blue. Can anyone advise me? Thanks.
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