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that's what it looks like to me also. looks challenging also. my do you attach the sausages?
Hi Everyone,I was just watching CB next great baker. Chad was using a tool to imprint the lattice work on the cake.Can anyone tell me where I can get one? I tried looking at Global sugar art but dont know if I was using the correct search words.ThanksKathy
what also happens to me is water seems in through the bottom of the spring form pan if baked in a water bath. i wrap the outside of my tin twice with a heavy duty foil.
i dont charge for labor but my sister is always cussing me for it. im not sure how to go about an hourly rate.
is there any flour in your recipe? is it a baked or no bake cheese cake? in your crust..sounds like you are maybe putting in too much butter. if its a baked cheese cake. maybe you are not baking it long enough. my cheese cakes bake in a water bath for 1 hr 55min.
im sorry you didnt get to see it. i have had one of my cakes there and it is indeed a nice feeling.
you can also knead in a little crisco into the gumpaste.
thanks everyone for your help. i have wanted the cricut since i first saw it at glad i waited. 50 bucks is a steal. thanks again. Ill hint to hubby that christmas is on its way.
traditionally marzipan is put on top of the cake. to get the marzipan to stick to the cake, i melt guava jam, (the clearer the jam the better) and brush a layer of the jam on the cake. roll out the marzipan the same way you would the fondant. apply to cake. leave to dry a little bit. roll out fondant, brush marzipan with white rum or clear alcohal, (not a lot) then apply fondant. trim and decorate as usual.
auzzi answered all your questions. a few other notes...some people make their fruit cake super moist and that will play a part in the covering with both marzipan and fondant. You may want to ask for a sample cake to see what the texture is and how "wet" the cake is.
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