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I would do the cake Friday night and the cupcakes on saturday morning. If you are just piping the cupcakes with frosting, It should only take 20 minutes or so.
That really cool. I love this site too. How many cakes are on here? Last time I checked there were over 20,000.
You handled it well. I probably would had made the rattle to keep peace. I also feel that now with all the cool cake shows, people expect more and bigger cakes out of us usual people. Their cakes feed 100s and they have some really expensive equiptment that we would not be able to afford therefore have to what we can do with what we have. They also have a large staff with many talents. Not to mension that people want to spend $100 on a cake that they would charge...
How soon before the cake is picked up can you cover a cake in fondant? It seems as though on the cake shows they do it a day or 2. I have 3 tier cake orders next weekend which is the most of those kinds of cake Ive had at one time. I would like to start ahead of time if I can.
So what if someone comes to you and asks you to make a cake that looks like Martha Stewart made. You cant do it and disappoint them? Thats crazy. There are lots of the same looking cakes on here.
Its been a while before this time that it happen and I cant remember if I bought another bottle in the mean time. Ive use brown for other things but it seems when I pipe it through the grass tip is when it happens.
I have done a couple of these cakes and I use the oval pan. I use the smaller square cutter to cut the black fondant. start in the back of the cake so if its is alittle off you wont be able to see it.
Every time I use dark brown to make a monkey or a bear, the icing turns greenish color after a couple of hours. This really makes me mad cause it looks terrible and I cant do the cake too far in advanced. I might as well decorate it at the I usually use Ameri color. I emailed the company to let them know if this problem. Just wanted to see if I was the only one.
Omg. this is horrible. I would be pissed too. I tell all my customers that I need 2 weeks notice with a 50% deposit. I do this in my home and I have to buy supplies per order and adjust my personal schedule to make my product. I have recently turned down some 1st time customers because it was under 2 weeks. I am not rushing for people that want to be last minute. People think I can just snap my finger and get supplies and bake a cake.I did a cake one time with no...
Hello,I have a set of wilton letter/number cutters. Most of the letters come out ok but some of the letters get stuck or tare when they come out. Does anyone else have these problems? I made the letter B 22 times today before getting an ok one. Does anyone use a different kind and like them?
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