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Dumb question. I am doing a cake using this technique and it is going to have a filling. Is this ok? Do i just build a dam and fill it the same way even though it is going to be flipped. Will it stay ok? Please help!
Wow! THe cake is beautiful. The topper looks like SPRING threw up on it!
Thank you ladies! I knew I could count on you.
What is Van-O-Van and does anybody use it? Does it make a difference if it is omitted in a recipe?
I too am very sorry for your loss. Your avatar is not only a beautiful picture of your baby but a beautiful picture of an ANGEL!!! GOD BLESS YOU!
Can't wait till you post the pic. Ready to put in my fav's. this one out!
I know I already posted these pics was i was able to get a clearer image.
here are a couple of pics I have in a old wilton book.
Iloveweddings - I hope that what you meant is that you do not understand Spanish and therefore could not get a response to your question from the people at the bakery. As a hispanic, I would have to agree with Lucy0618 that it is a bit offensive to word it that way. I do not want to start a long huge thread about this issue as that would waste everyone's time but please choose your words carefully.
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