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I'm sure there are some wonderful places in NY to learn. I'd try that route.
The links don't work anymore.
I guess somebody put her big girl panties on...good for you!
Great idea! Thanks
You gotta give him Indydebi's line : "My vanilla cake is just like my chocolate cake except it tastes like vanilla"(Hope I quoted correctly!)No samples - he's tasted your stuff already - he knows you can bake.
It was a clear flat untextured vinyl sheet!I'll try it again and take a picture.
Hey...just wondering if I did something wrong or what but I rolled out some fondant on some vinyl table cloth plastic stuff so that I could flip it over onto the cake.There were tiny divots in the fondant, almost like popped air bubbles everywhere.Did I use the wrong material...should I invest in a silicone mat?Advice please!Thanks
I like the tip that you should pretend you thought it was a joke and then play dumb. Ask to see a copy of her dress makers expenses so you can understand what exactly she wants a little better!
I'd love to see this too!
I'm happy to hear you are happy with your decision and you and your children are safe.
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