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I like them both! Sorry!You can make them and give them away but you can not sell them legally.
When the BC is soft, it should stick fine. If it's crusted BC you could try a little butter cream underneath.
Do what Kim suggests!
For my mmf - not sure where I got the recipe so I can't quote a source...In a greased microwave container (I use a pyrex measuring cup) 500 g marshmallows, tablespoon water, hunk of shortening (1/8 cup ?), small squirt of white corn syrup. Melt for a minute, stir and melt at 30 sec intervals until melted. Add flavour. (and colour if you need a huge batch of one colour)Sift 500 g of icing sugar in greased (with crisco) kitchen aid bowl, add melted marshmallows and use...
Just taking a break from putting MMF on top of No Fail Sugar Cookies (NFSC) and I am having a hard time not eating any!They are a hit with my family, friends and children's classmates!Speaking of tootsie rolls...Pink Chateau...try making MMF substituting 1/4 - 1/2 c of cocoa for the same amount of icing sugar! That tastes like tootsie roll!
It's all a matter of preference...I love it and so do most of my family and friends. Some just don't like it!I make mmf most of the time but I will make regular fondant too!
I totally agree! Very funny!
Thanks so much!
I think the flowers look great...but if they aren't what the bride ordered, that's a problem!
I think she did awesome...what a great skill to have so that she can get a p/t job at the grocery store in high school and during college.
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