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Sugarshack's DVD's really took me to the next level...lots of insider tricks and tips to make your cakes look unbelievable. I have Perfecting the Art of Buttercream, Flawless Fondant and Boxes and Bows.
Family...too bad you don't get to pick 'em!
If it's for personal use, you know what else is being served. 4 course meal before cake and guests are only going to want a small slice. Coffee and cake and nothing else, they'll want bigger slices.
If you want the $180 let her know that you can't do that for $180 but you can do this other design.HTH!
It will be just like melting to make rice krispie squares.
So made 2 batches of chocolate MMF - first was too dry so I made the 2nd batch with much less icing sugar and kneeded them together. I added alomst 1/2 lb of crisco while kneeding it.Could the cocoa be drying it out?What would you do...start over and make 2 more batches?ormake 1 new batch of vanilla with much less icing sugar and add in 1/2 of the original chocolate fondant?Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks
You could...melt the marshmallow mixture on the stove instead of the microwave.
You have to let it rest for a few hours after you make it.If I need a big batch of one colour, I colour the melted marshmallows before I add the icing sugar.If a need small amount of colours, I just colour after it has rested - small bits at a time. Like BC though, you can't match colours so make sure you make enough of the colour you are going to need.I've never added white colouring.
For my purposes:single layer cake...............two layer cake 1/4 sheet = 9x13 = 24 (2x2) servings........48 (1x2x4) servings 1/2 sheet = 12x18 = 54 (2x2) servings......108 (1x2x4) servings Full sheet = 18x14 = 108 (2x2) servings....216 (1x2x4)servingsWith square or rectangle cakes, it's easy to just do the math to figure your servings..... Single layer: 11x15 cake: 2x2" servings = cut columns/rows of 5x7 = 35 servings 11x15 cake: 2x3" servings = cut columns/rows of 5x5 =...
I think the cake is just fine...You did a great job!On the colour note...I once made a Stanley Cup cake...As I was colouring my bc grey it kept looker more purple and purple. I was freaking out until I realized it was the lighting in my kitchen making it look purple!
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