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My problem is actually stacking them...laying the layer on the top - I'm so worried it's not going to be centre and ruining the butter cream. We're our own worst critics!
I came across this... may help!
I haven't done many...I'm not too scared with fondant covered but BC covered makes me nervous! I shake like crazy making myself more nervous! It's just silly!
Curious how Virgin ice tastes...just saw it a Bulk Barn today. Years ago I bought some fondant from a bulk store and it tasted like anise. Luckily I was making a licorice all-sort cake so it turned out well.I was shocked when I saw that $30 price tag on Duff's fondant. Crazy!
Is the sale legit or did they "Fall" of a truck?
I googled it and it came up on Toronto Craig's list. When I clicked on the ad it said it had just been removed.I have one but I am not sure what size I have so I was trying to figure it out.Is it from a store? I bought mine, more than 10 years ago at Caynes. I'm sure I spent over $200.Edited to add...Mine's a 350 watt but a 5 quart too. I love it.
I just looked it up to see which one it is and the ad is gone.Did you get it?
I'm getting frustrated and angry just reading this...glad you are handling it better than me!Keep me posted...I'd love to hear when they actually get married!
Very Cool! I'm jealous!My mom is visiting San Diego right now and I so wanted to order stuff for her to bring back but I just don't have the funds!
I must say I am shocked you can't get this. There are a ton of food items we can only get in the states but we actually get DH orange mix in Canada.I love it with a whipped cream filling and covered in chocolate ganache.
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