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Kinnikinnick is the brand I used.
I'd find out what a slice of dessert cake costs at the restaurants nearby and price accordly! Accordingly!
Check the health food store or section in the grocery store. I made some cupcakes from a gluten free mix and they went just as quick as the cake! There was only one person that needed gluten free. I'm sorry but I don't remember the name.Bob's Red Mill makes a lot of gluten free products and special ingredients.
I think that's it...saw the fondant at Michaels!
I hate making cakes for myself...I can never decide what I am going to do and I'm constantly changing my mind. Then I get a brilliant idea just before I fall asleep and then I'm up all excited about the new design!I'd go with the 9 & 12, too!
These are very specialized classes, not just anyone can teach them.How much is a course in Medical School? To me, some of these classes are at such a high level and you learn so much - so many tricks and tips that can take you from an average baker to an artist depending on what you do with the information.JMHO
I think it's a great idea if it works for your design.
If you've got strong flavours going on in your fridge like garlic and may have an issue. Smell the cake when it comes out of the freezer and if it smells gross then toss it.I'm thinking you should be fine though!
I've got 3 of Sharon's DVD's but not the stacking one.
My problem is actually stacking them...laying the layer on the top - I'm so worried it's not going to be centre and ruining the butter cream. We're our own worst critics!
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