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I made the WASC cake with BC devil's food and it has sunk in the middle. I baked 9" square and 9" round at 275 degrees in my convection oven according to the manufactures recommendation.Any ideas on what I should do next time?Thanks
At least you figured out the problem and it wasn't you!I'm sure they all loved it!
You can roll it into truffles or just eat it with a spoon! Sorry not much help!
Ohh! Hope the six inch goes better. Sometimes you just need to step back and relax for a few minutes!Good luck!
Interesting! I noticed they don't have an FAQ section answering the burning question, can you smooth bc with them? LOL!Keep us posted!
What a wonderful job you both did!Congrats!
It's wonderful. I love the addition of the little crosses instead of pearls at some of the spots where the lines intersect. (Not sure what that place is called!)
I prefer using BC and I prepare my cakes similar to Ursula 40.Perhaps the stars weren't aligned properly that day. Sorry!
I think you are worrying for nothing! To be perfectly honest, I prefer your cake to the original. It's neat and clean.
1- What was your first cake you made?A star piped lambchop for my grandmother....took me forever.2- Your all time favorite cake you created?The Princess Peach gift box cake for my dtr almost a year ago3. Cake related goals for 2010I'd like to finally make smbc! and source some peanut and tree nut free candy melts.4. Where do you get your ideas?CC
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