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I hate when I make an exception for someone to be nice and then it doesn't work out.That's too bad.
I agree with the pink!
I didn't crumb coat but wrapped real well in plastic wrap.
I took cakes out of the freezer yesterday morning and filled them last night. ( 6" and 10 ")I could get them iced and covered in fondant tonight but after my crazy day and desire to have a couple drinks at a party tonight, I would rather do it tomorrow morning when I'm calmer and fresher!Do you think they'd still be nice and moist or should I really cover them tonight? They are WASC with a room temp stable filling.Thanks in advance.
Some people calculate their cost and multiply it by 3.You can take your cost for ingredients and electricity and water and then estimate how many hours it will take you (including shopping, cleaning up and decorating) giving yourself a more than minimum wage pay...add them up!
Don't forget to check out the library for polymer clay "how to" books...same difference in technique but don't eat the clay!
Similar to PP I use mine in my triffles...a can of Devonshire custard, whipped cream, fruit, alcohol (or not) and you're good to go.
There is a a recipe called Sugar Cookie Icing on allrecipes dot com posted by JBS BOXCheck that out - it's not royal icing though.HTH
How simple...wonderful idea!
I use Indydeb's Butter cream with chocolate cookie crumbs (like graham cracker crumbs) and crushed oreos. I find the the filling is very similar to the oreo cream centre.
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