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I don't have a business but just did a 6,8,10 wedding cake as a gift for a really, really close friend and hubby. If I charged, I would say I'd charge about $350. Can't believe that order was for an even larger cake for $115 - that's just nuts. Where are these people getting their numbers from?Sorry you are losing them but glad to see you are sticking to your guns! The right ones will come along.
Turn down your oven...put a pan of water on the rack beneath your cakes.I've purchased videos and have found my abilities/finished product change immensely from amateur to professional looking. Sometimes you just pick up an unrelated trick that changes your whole outcome.I must admit, too, that I just love watching them for pure entertainment!
Happy wishes for our two new fishes!May not be a great slogan but it might inspire something else! like this one. I add about 1/4c of cocoa powder to the recipe using a box of chocolate cake mix.I also like the recipe that adds a package of jello pudding mix, 4 eggs, 1 cup water and 1/3 cup oil to a chocolate box mix.
My town said I could have the business out of my home but York region said I needed to have a separate kitchen. I called the town back and they said second kitchens aren't allowed just go ahead and do it out of my kitchen against the Region. Needless to say, after a ton of calls back and forth between the two, baking out of my home is illegal.Just be prepared to have everything presented to you as clear as mud.Good luck!
I read that post...I'll try to protect you if the stoning starts!
I totally agree with this. Very tasteful but will have wonderful meaning.
Have you tried these people...lmbakersupply dot com ?
Hit Block Sender!
$3 or or $5 - they can take thier pick!
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