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Tymmy I'm in York Region, too, Newmarket. You must have a second separate kitchen according to York Region. According to my town, you may only have on kitchen per dwelling. So, no in Newmarket but maybe Woodbridge has different laws for your home.
I just never understood the hype about red velvet. Sometimes I think there's something wrong with me but now I's them! (just joking- comment made in love... My close friends are RV fans!)
How much time is this cake going to take you? Don't forget to give yourself an hourly rate for everything from making your grocery list, driving to the store, shopping, prepping, baking, decorating to putting away the last piece of equipment after it's been washed and dried.
Isn't that the truth!
Last time I was in the states, I got some neat sprinkles in the grocery store. Due to allergies, I can not buy in bulk or any of the CK sprinkles so the grocery store ones were a great find for me!
Check out the local community colleges - I took a Wedding Cake Decorator (or something like that) certificate course. I believe it was 6 course total (all in the evening) and they run for about 10 weeks each for 3 hours an evening.
Cool, we love that movie!
I fourth IndyDebi's recipe!I haven't tried Sugar Shacks because I've not come across Hi-ratio shortening but it looks like it would be very similar, too!
Oh No!Hang in there! I had a birthday disaster like this too but about 10 yrs ago. I laugh at it now and it's a big joke around here!Happy 30th!
I've seen this Disney Cars cake in Wal-mart. It's made by another company and is shelf stable. I think I've seen it near the Joe Louis/Half Moons/ Little Debbies. (not in the fresh cake bakery case) It's in a red box on a shelf and is about a foot long and looks pretty bad. I'm sure little boys will love it, though!
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