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I was just going to ask about sugar bubbles...this is great...thanks
Diddo....I place mine in plastic wrap, and a zip lock bag....just reheat to soften
Try using the rice crispie treats that come individually packaged. I think if you cover them in fondant, they'd look great.
I would think you could charge $50-60 for this cake
Great Info...Thanks
This cake is 9" and 6" double layers...
Thanks beesting...I was pleased with how it turned out. I love brown and pink together and I thought the bears were a unique touch.
I've attached a picture of a cake I did for twin girls. It was their first birthday cake. It was done to match the invitations. Except for the bears, that was something I came up with. Good luck.
Thanks for all the quick responses. I am very happy with my pricing, I quoted $1100. That would include everything. I just wanted to make sure I was giving a reasonable quote, and according to the prices you guys have given me, I was right on the pun intended! To me, this is a customized cake, not something you can get at a local bakery. And to my knowledge, there isn't a bakery around here that will do this type of custom work. If you want a fantastic,...
The bottom tier is 16x16x2 (two layers)Next tier is 12x12x2 (two layers)Next tier is 8x2 (two-three layers)top is 6x2 (three layers)All iced in buttercream and covered in fondant. Flowers are gumpaste, but could be subsituted for real...
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