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Hi, I have a friend who wants camo done on a cake like this photo I've attached. Anyone have ideas as to how it is done? What is your guess?
Good for you! High Five!
I ordered the sample pack and thought the taste was excellent. I have tried MMF, Fondx, and Satin Ice and really don't care for any of it (love working with it) but the buttercream Fondarific was really good to me. I really liked the lemon flavor too and ate it like candy. :-O
It really can be confusing. I used to use the Wilton charts but decided people don't usually cut wedding cake slices as small as what they consider a serving. I think it is 1 x 2 slices?
Here's another great cake serving chart for you with suggestions for pan/tier sizes. You may not have these size pans suggested though. recently did a 4 tier that was 16, 12, 9, and 6 that feeds 170 (160 if you dont serve the top tier.) If you want to see what that looks like go to my photos. Last tiered cake.
I have a very bad (but you'll get the idea) youtube video that shows how I do my chocolate drips. You can use candy melts and do the same thing I imagine. Might have to thin a bit with shortening.
I second the last suggestion of 2 12 x 18's that are double layered with a filling betweent the layers.I never offered full sheets because #1, I didn't have boxes and boards that big, #2, didn't have an oven that big, and #3, just didn't want to deal with the cumbersome job of icing a full sheet. 2 12 x 18 double layers will give you the servings you need and look better too, imo.
Interesting all the variations of the sheet cake with amount of cake mixes used and number of servings quoted, etc.My standard answer is this:9 x 13 serves 15-20 and I use 1 cake mix11 x 15 serves 30-35 and I use 2 cake mixes12 x 18 serves around 50 (54 if you do 2 x 2 pieces) and I use 3 cake mixesI agree 1 cake mix would look better/taller in a 8 x 11 pan but I've had my 9 x 13 pans forever.
I'm coming Lorraine! It's a 12 hour drive for me (from my home to Austin) all by my lonesome so you know I am thrilled about the opportunity. I'm taking the Daddy and Me workshop.Hope you are going to have a chance to do some sightseeing while in the States.
This is a shameless plug to get some traffic on my blog. Hey, it is a cake-decorating related blog, partly, so this is on topic. I think. :-/ I'm having a giveaway and if you leave a comment on my blog post you'll be entered in a drawing for a beautiful handmade vase. me a comment there and make my day!
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