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check your leavening, could be it is not working properly
add glycerine, that will help
I have seen some decorators do the impressions after the fondant is on the cake - you just be able to have counter-pressure on the other side if you are doing sides, etc.
Ok, so it has been a few days since I checked back here. I think I miscommunicated because I didn't really know anything about French BC or Mousseline. I am actually asking about French Meringue BC which is different from French BC. There is great info on wikipedia about the difference (I added spaces so it would post the link):http : // en . wikipedia . org / wiki / ButtercreamFrench BC uses yolks, but French MERINGUE is a meringue BC where you don't cook anything...
Has anyone used SMBC/IMBC and FMBC as a comparison? I love my FMBC and wondering if the others are better or something? - I like not having to cook my FMBC but see very few people mention using it!
You are a saint is all I can say! You could always cut squares or something jewel like and then paint them with the dust - it will be shiny and blingy and not expensive. And I add color to my pearl and/or silver dust all the time to make whatever colors I want so if you need color that is an option too.
I used them for a 5 tier and had no problems. Cut like debbief said to make sure all the straws in each cake are level with each other. If you are transporting it all stacked use a center dowel to help it not move around too.
If the environment is warm a soft fondant can "melt" - I have had this happen. I don't use a crusting buttercream and typically don't have a problem. I have never used MMF so I don't know what typical issues people have with it, I use MFF. Was it warm in the car? if not, maybe the fondant was just way too soft so it just gradually started stretching with gravity and the jostling of the car.
hahaha - I don't have a regular cricut but I have a friend who does and loves it - I keep thinking I will have her make me stuff!
Like Unlimited said -You can get a cricut (regular one) and cut your own lettering stencils and do RI or BC stenciling.
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