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Rae, it's doing the same thing on mine.. & now everything is so big on my screen that I am having to move left & right to see everything.
Sorry, so far I don't like it. Tried viewing some pics but there was no next button. Clicked on pic to see if that's the new way to go to next pic & nothing. I'm sure it will get fixed. I will be patient. Now time to check the other stuff out. I hope I haven't lost stuff too! Keep Everyone!
Tylose glue (1/4 t. tylose powder & 2 T. warm water. Mix together in a small glass bowl & put in frig for about 20 min. Stir & it should be ready)... OR Gumpaste glue (break up pieces of gumpaste & add them to a little warm water. Let dissolve. Stir. Ready to use) Works better than water, chcolate, or buttercream. Sticks immediately! I use tylose glue. I make it up in those small sample jelly jars. Also Walmart sells smalls sample sizes of mustard. I also use that to store...
Gosh were the judges crazy or what! I think they are trying to make it a little overly extreme, like trying to beat foodtv challenges. I felt so bad for Ashley & the guys on the show last night! Moydear will be on it I think the last show or towards the end, I can't remember what she told me. Ya'll look for her! Also Two Sweet Sisters from my state LA will have a few shows of their own on TLC starting Aug 31st. Ya'll look for that too It should be funny! They are a hoot!
I used tip 3 or 4 to do the bud. Sorry I'm just now repling. My computer broke down again. Next time I do them I'm going to use a larger rose nail. I think that would look gorgeous.
twindees (Cameal)!!!!! Why haven't you called me!? You couldn't go to Convention without me anyway right? Us cake sisters have to stick together. Call me! I miss you~
Hey Loucinda~ I wish I was going! It's killing me not to be able to go! I've had so much fun at the last 2 Conventions. It feels weird not going this year. I've met a bunch of awesome people. We had so much fun at Disney World last year! I'm going to a La DOS in a bit. The DOS is tomorrow. At least I'm doing something "cake" ICES related this summer! LOL! Ya'll have a wonderful time!
The last show of Duff's I saw they were shoving a cake into the walk in frig. They had to re-do the sides because the door frame of the frig took all the icing off. So I guess that would mean he does use a frig. The cake they were shoving in the frig was the cake for the 100th show or something of Broadway musical Hairspray.
I know too many things to chose from. I want to do some cakes for OSSAS but I can't even begin with a size much less the colors~
Thanks Ginny for the Congrads & the info! I would've never figured it out! LOL! I bought a cake support system thingy back in 07 at the ICES in Omaha I have NEVER used it! I even forgot what it was called. I paid $135 for that thing. If I ever find someone that wants it I'll let em' have it for $100 (hint, hint to anyone). I do not do a lot of cakes so I have never even taken it out of the pkg it's in. I just had to have it though My hollow dowels work fine & I can't...
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