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Graduation cake just picked up-vanilla cake chocolate mousse filling  
How about moving boxes? I have used moving boxes for a 3 tier cake.
I purchased one of those multi-drawer rolling tool chests. (I actually have two -one for cake stuff and another for scrapbooking stuff ). There are several different configurations with different drawer heights so I picked the one that had the largest number of shallow drawers to accommodate my cake toys. It was the best thing I ever did to organize all my stuff and keep it organized without any problem.
I love the petal effect that is so popular now. Does anyone have a picture of the back where the row joins together? How do you blend it in to the starting point? I alway seem to have a problem when it comes to finishing a row whether it be petal effect, basketweave or borders. TIA
Try using 2/1 ratio for ganache. If you use 1/2 cup heavy cream heated to scalding, you can use 8 oz of chocolate. Once all the chocolate is melted and incorporated with the cream, it will thicken to spreading consistency as it cools. It takes longer than you think for it to get to the thickness you want.
It's part of the patchwork Large cross and lace set
I love your website! I love the photo on your home page and your contact me page. I do agree that the home page photo gives the impression of a pastry shop. Maybe the same picture rolling out fondant with a fondant decorated cupcake or small cake in the background. Your entire site is a little bit different and for me that makes it stand out.
Your logo is beautiful-really elegant. You do beautiful work but I think that your photos don't do your cakes justice. My only suggestion is to be mindful of where you take the picture of your cake. Try not to take pictures of the cake in it's box or have distractions in the background such as chairs. There are a few threads in CC about how to improve your pictures such as a DIY light box, how to make a backdrop, etc. There are simple things that you can do to make...
My DH is a gadget guy-one of those ppl that has the perfect little something for your iPhone. He found this website where ppl seek funding for their projects, inventions, businesses. One person has an idea for a cookie cutter that has no waste! No rerolling scraps! Take a look and see what he has come up with. I think it's very clever. go to and...
Lurker here! For once I can say I am working on something. Just a small red velvet graduation cake. Bake tonight-decorate tomorrow-pick up Sunday. That gypsy show is fascinating! The gowns are amazing even for a first communion. it's also pretty sad that the wedding is the highlight of the girls life-all downhill after that.
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