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It doesn't hurt to submit it.  I did submit my IMBC and it was not I said they told me 3:1 ratio sugar to butter.  
Yes they are very insistent on the 3:1 ratio and I don't know how you could get IMBC or SMBC to that ratio.  When I rented a kitchen that all I used was IMBC but had to make changes so that I could get approved.  It is a grueling process and took me a couple of months of back and forth with recipes and labels.  I'm renewing again this year and just adding a couple more recipes so it won't be as bad as last years initial process.  Good luck to you!
Thank you so much craftybanana, that helps a lot!
Aww, thank you!  I guess I didn't go to the bottom.  Is there a way to delete photos?
I haven't been on here in a long time and things have changed.  It seems to be more difficult to navigate.  I can't seem to find where my photos are to edit and add them.  I looked under my profile and I don't see anything that says photo's?  Can someone come to my rescue please?
Oh and as far as how to collect from your clients...I always ask for a nonrefundable deposit of $100.00 and the balance is due 30 days prior to the date of pickup/delivery.  I have paypal on my website where they can pay with credit card or they send me a check.  I also have The Square for credit cards.
Pricing is a difficult thing.  When I started out 6 years ago selling cakes I did online research to see what was the going rate in my area was.  I included grocery store cakes in my research but I knew I wanted to charge more than grocery store cakes and less than the upscale bakeries so I priced myself in the middle.  Today I have a lot of experience behind me  and over the years have increased my prices.   I'm a licensed home business and my state has a maximum dollar...
I'm not sure if this is too late but I'd like to share my experience.  I have a licensed home based business (7 years in business) and I have a True Commercial reach in refrigerator and a basic home refrigerator.  I use my home one the most because it is dryer.  My commercial one even with buttercream cakes creates too much moisture.  If I have to use it I will box my cake and place or wrap the box with heavy duty super large trash liner and it works perfect.    With all...
Yes, you will need a board under your ball.  You'll need dowels in your cake to support your ball and you will need to do a center dowel through the ball and the cake.  Hope that helps.
Don't freeze the cake.  Roll out your fondant to the size you want to place around the cake and freeze it for a few minutes.  Since it's humid there you'll have to work quickly.  Once it's on the cake you may have to let the moisture dissipate before decorating it further.  You can also use modeling chocolate instead of fondant.  If you use modeling chocolate you won't have to freeze it as it will hold it's shape while you place it around the cake.   It's humid here in...
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