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I wish I could do that. Congrats to you that is AWESOME!!!!!!
I would suggest looking on ebay. I got mine from Mine was only like 125 for the kit. And it works great.
This is one of my favorites. I have many.
My daughter takes tap too. When I think of her tapping I think of a top hat and tap shoes. Her costumes for tap are always frilly with lots of tool(sp) and sparkle. I'd ask the childs favorite colors and go with it. I like alicia_froedges idea and adding tap shoes on the top instead of ballet. Good luck.
I'm jealous too. I am glad you had a wonderful time. I'm sure it was a great experience.
I suggest Luster dust to paint on fondant, petal dust for adding color to flowers, and sparkle/glitter dust for the sprinkling to give a sparkle. Good luck.
I'm with imartsy I don't like the shimmer dust wilton has either. I only use the ones I have as sprinkles to add a sparkle and only do that cause I have them.
Your welcome!
I'd have to say I'm not sure but your probably right.
I have's a bump!
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