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Pink Electric Guitar, Microphone and the hand of rock (from my daughter that is 8 and a little rocker herself)I'd say a leopard print cake in maybe pink and black. I'd cover the board with the look of fishnet stockings, something like that.
First, your cakes are wonderful.I always feel that way. I've never made a cake that I felt was just amazing. I always feel I can do something else or that someone else can do better. I love hearing people tell me they look good but it still never clicks in my brain. I know there is better talent everywhere and I just have to keep trying to be nearly as good as some people on CC or any other talent. Don't give up....your talent is to good.
Lol. That is great. It feels good when someone that knows what they are talking about tells you that you did good.
I have only used this recipe. I just got it last week but different flavor balls would be something I'm willing to try. These were so good.
I made my first ones last week after a post. I loved them and so did my family. Heres a photo of mine. I suggest these to anyone that wants something good. I used chocolate chips....yummy.
I found it a little soft whn I tried it. But it worked and it tastes great. My Mom was eating it instead of the cake-lol.
What about a cake like this....I love the birds on this cake.
You can use chocolate buttercream. It'll work like regular buttercream.
Awesome. I'm sure that was a great experience.
I have it DVDRed now waiting for it to come on. Thanks!
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