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(georgies_girl..."I had a clear cookie jar once and I bought a bunch of those cheap iced oatmeal cookies at WM one day and dumped them in.....well, my hubby tells my son to go and plant one in the yard to see if "real" cookies would grow"..... )Lol that is too dang funny.
Lol...Melvira that was too cute. Your right about store bought. My husband says he better never see me buy cookies or cakes from a grocery store-lol. Probably because of the money I spent on cake supplies. But after making things homemade I wouldn't like it anyway. So step away from the store bought cake!!!
Yes they have beautiful cakes. Thank you for sharing.
Girl don't let someone like that get you down. I can't even believe she said it was dry by looking at the icing and not even cutting into it. Your cakes look great. And I agree with everyone that she was probably wanting something free. I wouldn't be doing anymore cakes for her though. Don't give up girl.
Yeah I buy wiltons melting chips. And I dipped them or drizzled on mine. And the cake balls I made wasn't too sweet they were just right for me.
I will let yal know if we get the order. We might be to highly priced. I'll let yal know when I hear from her. Thanks again.
Wow! That you for sharing all your opinions. I am not for sure if I am going to take the order or if she will accept the cost. We have called and left her a message and we are waiting to hear from her. The reason she needs the pies is for a fundraiser for the PTO. They do it every year and have ordered from publix and they didnt like them and then Walmart last year but seen our ad and thought she's ask a smaller business that wanted to get their name out. I have alot of...
I have someone who wants me to make 600 pies by Mid-November. Pecan, Apple, and Pumpkin. What would you do? How much would you charge? Can you freeze pies and for how long? I need to tell this lady something and I don't want to tell her no. I have a partner and my family members have agreed to help. What is your opinion?
I watched this too and I agree that soccer cake was horrible. I was embarassed for the lady. I would have never imagined one of them would make a cake like that....and yes she tried.
I'm pretty sure it's New York City.
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