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Thanks for letting us know. I'm going to look now.
Congrats! That is wonderful!
Well from experience I'll tell you I went through the same things with my husband. I was a stay at home Mom for 5 years in which time all I heard was I wish you would get a job and I can't wait until you get a job. So my daughter started school and well I got a job. I worked almost 3 years and everyday I went to work my husband said I wish you would quit and for about 3 months toward the end he said if you don't quit I'm going to quit for you. Well, the point is you have...
I think it looks pretty cool. Not all cars have smooth paint jobs. After watching pimp my ride I think it's great to get funky. However, something to try....On a post I read that someone blew dye through a strainer and got the same effect as a airbrush. Maybe something to worked for them and maybe someone else too.
I have ordered a printer from this website. everyone for the info.
Awesome! Congrats and good luck!!!
Looks great. I love the colors!
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