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Your welcome. I searched and searched til I found the cheapest.
Thanks for sharing those. I needed to know that many times myself.
I always loved baking and making the cakes look pretty but I went to a birthday party one year with my daughter and she had made the cake for her daughter and I loved the icing. Well she gave me the recipe and then it started from there and now we are in business together.
Those cakes are so cute. I have a maltese so I don't think I could eat one but they are adorable.
I order my boxes from They have a nice selection you might to look there.
I hate to hear that girl. Thank goodness you had a understanding bride.
Congrats that is awesome! Good luck.
Thanks everyone for your replies.
I have just bought a printer for edible images and was wondering for those that have a printer where do you find the images like cartoon characters, etc. and what program do you use to help create the right size image for your cake? Can anyone help me?
They look awesome. I love looking at their cookies.
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