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I like the guy on ebay but he don't have all camo. Plus I don't know if I'd get him back in time. I need it next weekend. And I think United Kingdom it takes 2 weeks. Don't feel bad about being addicted to Ebay because I am too. Thanks for looking for me. Hopefully I can find one somewhere.Christy
I use the sticks too. It is way easier for me.Christy
I have looked at gi joes and they don't seem to have any in fill camo.
My brother has picked out this cake for his Groom cake. I am having problems finding a hunter like this one in the picture. Actually I'm having trouble finding a hunter in camo without a gun. Can anyone point me to the right direction.Thanks,Christy{724526D1-2873-45D7-98E1-E0A158134E9E}&Cc=DMMYHopefully this link will work. If not it's the online shopping and then click on the link that says cake dummies. A 6x4 is 2.99. Seems they have alot of different sizes. Hopefully this will help you out.Christy
The Magnolia Bakery CookBook is awesome. I get alot of my recipes from it. I have both their books and I have been to their store in New York. Their recipe are delicous. My famous coconut cake recipe my family goes crazy over is actually their famous coconut cake recipe-lol. If recipes is what your looking for those 2 books are my favorite.
I have been trying for two days to get a color that I can paint on cake and that can be seen that looks like a light tan color. It's bad enough my store is out of gum paste so I have been working with fondant. Then the first day I had a cake melt down. It was breaking and falling apart so finally I froze it to get the thing to stand up. Ahh. Now this letter paint is driving me nuts. What was I
I live in North Florida and I haven't had luck finding powdered sugar at our Walmart since Thanksgiving. And I thought it was just our Walmart being slack. Same with Winn-Dixie. As sad as it sounds at least it's not just me-lol. I found 2 boxes this week finally but that's all they had here at our Walmart. Hopefully the sugar industry will hurry and get their stuff together. I plan on making lots of cakes this year now that I found this site. Hehe.
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