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Thanks. I have some ideas too. I emailed someone a while back about a custom cookie cutter for my business and she has never emailed back to tell she was done so now I can try and make one on my own. Thank you!
Yes it happens to me. Once I took a cake to a family party. And my family loves cake. But they did not cut the cake until finally when people started leaving I said I am cutting the cake and taking my cake stand. They were all like it's to pretty to eat. I was like I don't care I worked for 2 days so people would eat the thing. I had mixed feelings. Happy they loved it that much but upset no one wanted to eat it. Besides it was my favorite recipe...I wanted some cake-lol.
I think it looks awesome. I love that you used your name as the tag on the shirt. Thats very cool.
Congrats!!!! That is awesome.
I have made red velvet cake balls and I used french vanilla coffee creamer. My family went nuts. I made them on my spaghetti cake so they had drizzled buttercream icing on them.
It sure looks good. I love cake balls. I put chocolate chips in mine and they are really good. I haven't added nuts yet and probably won't til someone asks for it.
Thanks for sharing. I wish I was going with Bronwen. I love her work.
No I haven't but I bookmarked it. Some of the prices look pretty good.
Thanks for sharing. Very cute!
He is soooo adorable! And he looks like a donkey to me.
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