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Awesome! Awesome! Congrats anI can see why they are beautiful!
I thin personaly that your cake is beautiful! It looks very professional. Your SIL is crazy and someone I would not make another cake for. My feelings would be extremely hurt however looking at your cake and other cakes I do not believe they would be hurt but ummm maybe a second. Don't give someone like that any more time worrying about what they think when you are very talented and also kind hearted to even make her a cake in the first place. Be proud of your cake/cakes....
That is just wonderful! Congrats. It is a amazing feeling when you can be happy with something you did. WAY TO GO!!!
I love all of your trees. I personally love Christmas trees. I have a fake tree. My husband isn't as into Christmas and refuses to help put a real one up so I just use a fake one. The lights are my favorite part. I change my tree colors every year. This years colors are white, silver and purple. I also match my wrapping paper to the tree colors. I am a weird o'. I say every year I am not changing my tree and then I end up changing it-lol. Here it is. I hope everyone had a...
Thank you. I will look into them as well.
I will to see if I can get a price list from them. I haven't gotten licensed or anything yet since we haven't actually opened the bakery. We are looking for one and have a retailer suppose to be getting back with me soon. But I want to have all my ducks lined up before we open the store. Thank you.
I was wondering where you order your ingredients like flours, milk, vanilla, eggs, etc. I am working on opening a bakery very soon and need to know where I can order the ingredients I need at a good cost. I checked out sysco but they don't give prices on their website or any info.Thank you.
Congrats on being in the spotlight!!!
I have both too. I love them. I won't stop my subscription. I get lots of ideas from it like I do from CC. Plus I am just a magazine/book freak. I like to look at everyones creations.
Thank for these. I will more than likely try them . I love trying new homemade recipes. I like everything to be homemade for my business. So thanks for sharing your great recipes.
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