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I guess I'll have to try again later!!!
I'm going to try to post a pic of my new oven!!! Thanks for the advice!![/img]
Thanks ya'll!!! My husband ordered my oven today and we went with a Deluxe CR 2 something!! I'm so excited and can hardly wait for it to arrive! He did a lot of investigating this oven for me! What a great husband he is to me!!! Thanks again for all of your advice! I'll let you know how it bakes!
Please help me if you can! I'm sure someone out there knows some to suggest or some to tell me to stay away from! Thanks again for any help!!
Hey everyone!I'm in the process of trying to finish my outdoor kitchen, and it's time for me to purchase a convection oven. I'm very excited about this adventure that's getting ready to begin with me and my baking, but I need your help!! My husband and I want to find a good convection oven that will work great when baking lots of cupcakes at one time. We were interested in maybe a countertop convection oven. Can anyone give me any suggestions as to which brand would be...
I just called HSN customer service and was told point blank by the rep I spoke with in response to my question; do you have any info on the license needed to use this product for a business? after a brief stint on hold, No, you do not have to have a license. I then said, the cricut site says a separate license is required for each cartridge to use in a business. Then she said she had no information on that.
Glad I found this information. I had just called in my order to HSN for the cricut cake, and after reading these posts I have already canceled my order. Thanks for sharing everyone! I can't imagine how much the license fees are going to be! I'll just stick to my own ways for now! Was so excited that my husband agreed to let me order one now just disappointed!!!
Thanks! I just looked at this tutorial and the one thing I didn't quite get was the smoothing of the back of the picture. Does this mean that the actual front of the image is on the other side of the wax paper and the icing on top is the back? Is this a dumb question or what? I just don't get that part!!!Thanks for your guidance!
I'm just excited when someone does like my work enough to comment on it, but I don't expect a comment on every cake I post. I know I look at a lot of cakes here that I think are great, but I don't always have time to give comments. I know that we are all busy, so I don't get offended by not getting comments, but I do enjoy the ones I do get!!Thanks!
Hey everyone! This is something I have never tried before and I was wondering how difficult FBCT are to work with. I have a baby shower cake to do with the theme of the book Guess How Much I Love You and I think this would be a good way to do the bunnies from the front of the book, but I'm a little worried about giving this method a try. Any suggestions or advice on this would be greatly appreciated!Thanks!
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