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The cake was only four (or possibly five) layers high. According to my notes, it was two 10x15's halved, stacked and carved. I know there was at least one board in the middle.   I made this cake in 2006, so my recollection isn't that great. The way my mind works, ask me in 10 years and I'll remember every single detail. LOL
Hehe... I don't freak out about such things. Thank you for your help.
You can make twigs by coating shaped wires with modeling chocolate or gumpaste or fondant.
*Leah, not Lean. Grrr.. sorry about that. :(
I do this for cakes that I can't risk moving an off-center tier or are so tall that I can't eyeball the center.   If you do this with fondant covered cakes, drill a little hole in the top of your cake so the dowel doesn't have to push through and possibly damage your fondant.   I cut my center dowel so it's just an inch or so below the top of the top tier and doesn't poke through.
Thank you, Suzanne. Your cake is breathtaking!   Lean and Suzanne, how do you secure your flowers? Wires? Royal? Chocolate? Rubber cement? ;)
Thank you, Leah! I'm so relieved to know it has been done successfully!
I used Satin Ice chocolate fondant. So, "yes". ;)
Has anyone transported a cake with a gumpaste floral cascade, as opposed to adding the flowers at the venue? How did it work out?   I have a 4-tier to deliver and would REALLY rather not attach the flowers at the venue. I was thinking of stuffing little pieces of foam between the flowers to protect them from banging into each other. I would, of course, be prepared to replace anything that breaks during transport.   Thank you!
And I use cornstarch exclusively. So, there ya have it! Funny how our experiences can be so vastly different.
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