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The only thing I didn't post here that was on the original email was my name, address and contact info. I'm a stickler for copy rights and have turned away many orders because a customer insists they want a figure made or an image printed, so when this came through for copyright infrigment the first thing I thought of is you've got to be kidding lol
On a side note, at least we know now it wasn't the "image police" because I copied an image for a bride's file :)
No insult taken, I'm just trying to figure this thing out. The guy at Comcast was insistent that we must have downloaded this, then when I told him there was no way it was us he backed off a bit and said it was probably a neighbor. I have an email into them for them to look into it and really see if they can figure out what's going on. I'll check with a couple of the neighbors when they get home to see if they got this message also.
If they did that it would make more sense, maybe the girl 3 homes away downloaded it or she has a boyfriend that did. By town law here you have to have at least an acre to build a home, most people have more than that so there's a pretty good distance between houses here.
That's exactly what they are thinking happened. We have passwords on everything, but somehow someone must have tapped in to our wireless. We are in a neighborhood that everyone has at least an acre of land and the only new neighbors moved in last fall that have a teenage girl, but they are 3 homes away. Other than that all of the neighbors have been here 15+ years. We're trying to figure out who would bother to even download something using our internet, everyone has their...
It's just myself and hubby, our son is 1600 miles away in college. Neither of us would download a show or game, Our son gets home from college next week, so he will be able to change anything whether it's needed or not, wireless passwords and such
the image I copied was a google image. I have called & emailed comcast because the dates didn't add up. It looks like someone tapped in to our wireless & downloaded the game, so it wasn't my image that sparked the email after all. It looks like a big coincidence that it was the same game?
I just received a notice this morning for copy right infringement! I have a bride who is ordering a cake topper from someone on etsy and she was showing me the character from The Game of Thrones, so I right clicked it and copied it to put with her cake order so I would know what's being provided as a cake top. I did not put the image on a cake, in fact they wouldn't have known I even have a cake shop, just someone from my ip address clicked on it. They are watching and if...
I had a couple last fall that spent a day doing cake appointments, I was #3 out of the 4 they were meeting with. When they came in, he said they almost didn't even drive in since I am a home business and the 2 prior appointments were also home businesses. They did their tasting, he loved my cakes & he wanted to book on the spot, she kept harping on she wanted a cake from a "real" bakery. Even though my license is on display and I assured her I am a "real" bakery, I just...
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