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Heavenscent: Just search for monkeys or TamiAZ and you'll find the ones I'm talking about. They are sitting on a blue and pink cake that has fondant dots.Spottydog: Thanks. That makes more sense than what we were trying to do!! I'll give it a try tomorrow. Appreciate the help.Ellen
Well, looking at the monkeys and trying to get it figured out didn't I'm back at the drawing board and hoping TamiAZ will see this thread. The monkey looked more like a bear on something!!
I put a horseshoe cake on top of a 16" round cake. Worked really well.
Thanks OZCAKE! I'm hoping TamiAZ will see this thread or read her PMs and submit the information.
giving this a bump to the front!
I am making a monkey cake for my DD 16th birthday. She wants the monkeys just like TamiAZ made on her monkey cake. I will also use Tami's basic look as well. I have PM'd Tami for the step-by-step instructions but haven't heard from her and I'm getting into desparate mode! My oldest DD is leaving for college this weekend and she is my fondant figure you see my delemia (however you spell it!). PLEASE HELP ME!! Thanks.Ellen
HALLELUIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, holding my breath for two days has really been extremely hard. Every time I would check I was holding my breath until the next screen came up and then I had a panic attack!! They definitely need to give us some warning. One change I did notice is that one of the cakes in my photos is gone; it was another view of a cake that's still there. Don't really know why it's gone tho. Oh, by the way......I don't want a patch......I want...
How big is the base of the cake topper? I don't think it's too tall.Ellen
It turned out GREAT. Congratulations! Ellen
Thanks, Leily. That sure does. In the meantime I've received a reply from the person I PM'd -- and I'm glad cause I really needed an answer! Thanks again.Ellen
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