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anyone have any advice in this? I have to make one today!
I use my convection for all my cakes and I think it works great- cooks faster. It does take some getting used too. I did find it gives my cakes a crispier edge so I just use a bread knife to get rid of that. I use all size pans and never had a problem, I have a Samsung oven- hth and happy baking!
Man I can't believe this lady! I had one for the books too... I had a girl call me 7 times in one day for her mom's birthday cake- Can I make it all silver? No Fondant? Crazy requirements... Then needs to have a tasting the next day... So I try to comply because of the person who refered her to me. She showed up at my house with 7 people.. no joke. I thought it was a home invasion. She couldn't make up her mind on anything and kept asking these guys to help.....
I am in Fayetteville also. I used to buy my high ratio at a restaraunt supply store downtown til I got two bad boxes in a row and they told me they couldn't keep doing this. I was like " Yeah I want to drive all the way down here to open a rancid box of shortening" Needless to say I haven't bought anything else from them! Anyways the local cake shop does not sell it but I have been buying the Aldi brand that has 3 grams transfat- it seems to crust the best. SOmetimes...
Your cakes are incredible and I am glad you found CC. I look forward to seeing your new creations and hope you'll be doing some tutorials on your techniques. Welcome and PLEASE Stay! Marci
Mine is Villa Ware also and I like it alot
Thanks I did read it and it seems like a great idea. Leahs is one of my favorites to read here on CC. Always so positive and helpful but still professional.One question do you just include the cost of this into every cake? Or do you try to get the money back?Thanks Marci
I am just using dowels and clipping them with cutters- what do you suggest to be the best stacking method?
Ok so I just delivered another wedding cake and even pulling up I begin to shake and sweat. The whole process I am second guessing what I did to construct this cake and a nervous wreck. After I get it set up I am looking to see if it's ok and then when I get home it is like I sit here waiting for the phone to ring. This is like my 100th wedding cake and it never gets better- is this normal or am I a nut. How does one handle the stress?Thanks MarciThis is the cake-...
While I was writing my post last night my hubby was on his way to pick up our daughter from church. My phone rang and it was a police officer to tell me he was involved in a car accident- he is ok. What a reminder that in an instant everything can change, what a blessing that he is okay, his truck, well that is another story- but it is only a truck. This is a wake up call to me, tell him everyday I appreciate him.
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