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OMG you mean it's NOT JUST ME!!!!! I thought I was missing something but I can NEVER get the cake out of the pan in one piece EVER! Thank goodness it's not just me! phew
thanks I appreciate that idea - didn't think of that......
also what about dog tags?
I found this cookie cutter am relatively new to the cookie world, and I searched here for ideas but trying to come up w/ need ideas on how to decorate this cookie besides the normal olive thing.... Any ideas? (oh it's for my dh's surprise pin up girl party if that helps)
CONGRATS! my dh and I will be celebrating 8 years next month (12 yrs together total) Wishing y'all MANY years of happiness!!!!!!Loving the ideas that are coming out already - I can't wait to hear more details and see pictures of whatever y'all decide.
wow that is stunning!!!! But man in 3.5 hours you ROCk! I spent that amount of time w/ my lil ol cakes you are at like lightening speed!
I made an 80's boombox cake it's in my photos if you want to take a peek. It is my all means not perfect or even great. I would recommend a cake that can handle the weight of being stacked... I did 5 -9x13 sheet cakes stacked. I did going from bottom up 3 cakes board then 2 cakes crumb coated and covered w/ fondant.Everyones directions on here were way better than I could give but if you need any help just let me know and I will assist w/ what I can.
awesome thank you so much for welcoming me into your cookie world! I really appreciate it I can NOT wait to make up a batch now!
Thanks, my avatar represents me and my 2 kiddos!And they allow cookies and not cupcakes b/c of the mess issue. They have assigned every birthday a day to celebrate already so they know in advance what days will be birthday days. I'm really excited to try - I have admired all the cookies on here for so long w/ no REAL reason to try but now I have a REAL legitament excuse (dh can't fuss LOL)... I'll probably make a batch next week or so just to try and try a few different...
Thanks, I appreciate your input!Gemini chocolate covered oreo's YA those wouldn't make it out of my house I'd eat them all LMAO I LOVE oreo's LOL... I have printed the no fail sugar cookie and the Antonio74 RI recipes. I have until November so I can do a few practice rounds. Both my kids LOVE to help decorate cakes and REALLY love to use mmf SO I will probably add mmf to the cookies just b/c they love it. Plus what kid doesn't love pure sugar LOL... I really appreciate...
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