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I to have been making a ton of Cupcake Cakes. Since my first one I've been hooked and they have taken off with the people I've been making them for... Sometimes I find myself wishing for a sheet cake.. But I have to admit that the CCC are so easy and simple. I started out putting the icing on the bottoms of the outer cupcakes but now I don't have to put any on the bottoms at all. I wish you lots of luck making these. I'm sure you will be hooked !!Cassandra (Twins5485)
This will work perfect! Thanks for doing my leg work.. Much appreciated!!! Have a great day!Cassandra
I thought I would ask here first before I started searching... Just in case someone had one handy to share.... Doing a cake for a party this weekend... Many thanks in advance!Cassandra
~~ Confessions ~~~ I have a Secret! Boy do I have one! I almost feel like the little girl on the Secret commercial telling her mom that she got her first kiss playing spin the bottle... I work from home for our area hospital in the town I live in and I spend more of my 8 hours on CC than I do working ... My plan in the morning when I get up is to get ahead as much as I can so I can spend more time looking and reading on the site... I look at it like this- I always...
I have both the large and small batter bowl w/ Lid... Plus a million other things they sell... I'ts addictive also!They are great! I mix up my cake mixes in the large one and you can also use them if you are making a Barbie Doll Cake...Happy Shopping!Cass
Thanks for the replies! For some reason I'm not getting my messages. The template will work perfect Doug!Thanks again,Cassandra
This may seem pricey but I feel like my time and extra effort I put into making the cakes is worth it.. I've been doing a ton of CCC and I've been getting 40.00 for a 24 Ct. decorated cake..I've not gotten one person that has complained about the price.. The least I've charged is 35.00 and that has been for my co-workers We do so much for each other I feel that it just comes back around.. Plus you can't get most of what is done on CC at Walmart.. So I look at the work...
Does anyone have and is willing to share a sketch of babies feet? I have a shower cake for this weekend and would love to be able to have one... Thanks for an replies!Cassandra
I just got mine and I love it! I just wish I could catch them when the black is in stock...still waiting to get that...Cassandra
Welcome to Clarksville/Ft. CampbellSorry about your husband already being sent away. Hopefully you will enjoy your time being here... I've been here pretty much all my life, my dad was in the military for 31 yrs.. You never know maybe we will run into each other... If you ever need any help with anything regarding cakes feel free to get in touch with me... I don't know it all but I would be willing to share what I've learned off this site...Cassandra
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