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I just read this whole thread, love it!   You know your a cake decorator when... - my children know they can't have a Disney cake unless it has toys as toppers because mommy can't put it on her website otherwise due to copyright violations. - my kids expect to decorate cupcakes or cookies at every play date or sleepover. - my kids tell their friends and teachers that mommy is a cake decorator (not a scientist--my 'real' day job) - I had my perfectly acceptable...
I tried it for the first time two nights ago.  It did not dry in the time stated in the directions for me either.  However it had been raining all day, so the humidity was probably very high.  I filled 3 different lace molds, put them in the oven for 10 min at 170F, let them sit at room temperature a few minutes until cool, applied a second coat, and put them in the oven again for 10 minutes.  Once they cooled the second time, they were still tacky in areas.  I let them...
It is a Maggie Austin cake or a cake in that style.  Go to and take her class.  She teaches you how to do this technique. 
Global Sugar Art sells a 3D one. There is also a matching umbrella.
Do you have the Wondermold pan? You can probably use that and just put ropes of fondant on it to create the bumps, then cover the whole thing with fondant. So you would be building up instead of carving. That may get you close. Good luck.
I just finished making the chocolate cake, but I made two substitutions. I used whole milk in place of buttermilk and 1/4 cup whiskey in place of 1 cup coffee. All my other recipes use whole milk and my choc ones use whiskey, so I didn't want to buy any additional ingredients. I have no idea what the original was like, but with these modifications, it rose nicely with a flat top, was very fluffy, and has a nice taste and texture. Definitely a keeper. One note though,...
I torte all cakes just to make sure that the insides are completely cooked. I am too paranoid not to!
Can you get your hands on dry ice to add to the cooler? I guess at the very least, you could use a lot of cold packs. Or you could keep the neck of the guitar separate from the body for your freezer, then at the end, put them together on the final board and cover the seam with a fondant decoration.
Do you have a cooler big enough? I would think it would be cold enough in Canada for you to sit it oustide your door or in a garage in a sealed cooler.
I also have 3 girls (4,4,2) and a boy (2)...2 sets of twins. I have those moments when I look at them all and think, they can't possibly all be mine! I can't wait until they are older and can help decorate. Congrats again!
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