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If that doesn't work then try royal icing.
I have had that happen before and had to disassemble the whole thing. I removed the back off, pulled out the ping and cleaned the interior of the gun.  It worked after that.  The only time it gets clogged is when I use dust.   It doesn't happen all the time, but occasionally.  I don't have the duff airbrush gun, but they are all pretty much the same.  If you do take it all apart, make sure you know how to put it back together.    Hopefully someone has an easier way to fix...
Oh My Goodness.....I'm going to side with the customer.  I know....flog me.  I looked at your other cakes and they are great.  This one....not so much.  I would have expected to be charged $50-60.  It had the look of a beginner cake decorator.  OMG...I'm so sorry...I feel really bad typing that.  Seriously, your other cakes are really good.   If I was the customer, I would have expected something almost equal to your fondant ones.  I'm sorry if that offended you.  Before...
I like Victoria Rose Cakes...but if I had it I would call it Victorian Rose Cakery. Victoria rose cakes just doesn't flow off my tongue. I do not like the white all...kinda racist sounding...I know I'm weird. Bluebird reminds of a school bus company. I like Sugared Petal Cake Company..but then again I may call it Sugar Petal Cakes or cakery...again, your version didn't flow off my tongue.
Very true.  I usually look on the back of a box and look at the ingredients and the carbohydrate percentage.  
I have made water using just sugar.  You could also do Jolly Ranchers. 
I did a flourless sugarless cake.  They also have gluten free cakes at the store if you want a box cake.  There are also gluten free recipes. 
If this is going on the desert I would not want isomalt. I would prefer sugar...taste better.
Hobby lobby has some.
I think you need to reword your order info. Cake won't be delivered until payment is made will allow people to order cakes, you make them, they don't pick them up. Under the gallery...first line, take out the word even. It is unnecessary and does not allow the sentence flow well. Also, I would switch up the arrangement of the cakes. Put some of the more wedding, elegant cakes on the front.
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