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Ooo! How fun! Well, the first two things that spring to mind are the famous "crane" pose, and the tree design that Daniel-san wears in the tournament at the end. Either could be done fairly easily as a frozen buttercream transfer, I think. Here are some pics I pulled off the net quickly: fun and good luck!
I have been using CakeBoss since I was a beta tester, and to be honest I can't even remember how I managed to get along before. All my orders are right there on the calendar so I can see what's coming up and plan my time accordingly. I even use the calendar for all my family scheduling. Plus I can see exactly what each cake is costing me out of pocket and how much profit I'm making on it. Yes, if you have the expertise and a lot of extra time, you can spend hours and...
I was actually looking for pictures of cupcakes recently, and I was surprised there wasn't a gallery just for them. I think it would be great!
I have a friend who wants me to make a cake for her mom's birthday, and she wants to pay me for it, so she asked how much they cost (and told me NOT to lower my prices for her). But, I know she is going to school and doesn't have much money right now, so when she saw my price per serving, and how many servings would come out of each pan, she asked if we could do a 5" tier on top of a 6" tier. (I don't usually do too many different sizes, so I only have 5,6,9 and 12 inch...
Wow, some of these cakes are amazing! It's almost sad that there are so many gorgeous cakes on cc that some of these works of art accidentally get missed.Not sure if mine ranks up there with rest I've seen, but this one has the least number of views of all my cakes, and only one comment, even though I was pretty happy with it - especially the gold (white chocolate) medallion.
Thanks, that's great! Does anyone else have a wonderful pie recipe they'd like to share?
Yummm...absolutely! My husband would definitely vote for that one!
If so, I aplogize!My office is having a pie making contest and me being such the competitor I am, I want to do it, even though you could count the number of pies I've made on one hand.My boss is the reigning champion, and it would be so lovely to win! Does anyone have an totally unbeatable pie recipe out there?
you could also pipe candy melts for the ladders....I used them for the first time this week to do a picket fence and loved it...I want to use them for everything now!
Thanks! Anyone else think of anything?
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