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i agree, i would do something besides the knots.... but other than that it looks great.
I am 23. I have had the same problem working in a bakery. Everyone there thought that since I was young I did not know anything about baking. So I proved myself to them.
brownsugarcakes.comits short and easy to remember!!
you could do a lion head , wand (for the good witch), red heels, green and black stripe(bad witch legs) or a witches hat....thats all i have for now...HTH
i personally still like the all white background.... i think it shows off your cakes more and the background is not a distraction.
Go in and ask for the manager or store owner... and tell them you are looking for an apprenticeship or part time help to get your foot in the door. And see if they can help you out-- maybe they will know someone else who might need help or if they don't need help now -- maybe in the future....
I wouldn't get too excited about this... I would just ask if the child was trying to eat the fiqurine or the bow. I personally don't think I would let a child eat something that hard... but maybe she didn't know that. I would explain to her that you can eat them but its not recommended... Also make sure you ask how the actual cake tasted.
I agree with Kelleym.... if you are booked - you are booked... do as many cakes as you feel comfortable with- as you said this is not your main job-- and pass along the business. People will learn to book you way in advance.
Great Job!!!!
Great Job!! I would have never thought about using candy corn for feathers and etc.
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