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I LOVE electric ovens never had any problems with my cakes , I don't like gas ovens to cook or bake I don't know if is just me but I feel like the food or my cakes will have a bad taste because of the gas. I just think it smells nasty I had a gas oven back in the 80's and I will never purchase a gas oven again. but please let us know if you decide to purchase gas or electric and give us your opinion.
Hello I am looking for a diaper bag cake tutorial and I would like to know if you have one can you share the tutorial ? I need to make a diaper bag cake and I can't find a tutorial thanks
cool! thanks for sharing
Thank you so much for all your help I have a big event in Nov. I am so happy I am not making the cake but as soon as I finish with my project I will start with this project. thanks a lot
I am tire of cake mixes and would like to try cake recipes from scratch can you recomend a book or a link were I can find cake recipes from scratch? thanks
that's cool I need to go were you live because at my food4less only regular flavors were $1.00yellow,white and chocolate and rest regular price
I went tomy local store today they had a sale for Duncan Hinesonly $1.00 and ofcourse I was so happy and I went to get a lot of boxes and by the time that I was getting ready to pay I noticethey were a few at $1.00 and some of them regular price and i askthe cashier and she mention that only the regular flavors were $1.00 and the rest regular I guess the regular flavors are chocolate,white,and yellowant the rest are signature flavors.I want to know if this is a...
wow this is so cool!
what is the henry henry filling is this the brand?
I never have problems with MMF but I did notice that when I buy the Kraft brand it never comes out. And when I use the store brand like walmart's it comes out perfect. There was a post that this was happening to a few people, I also add lemon and glycerin to my recipe and this helps a lot. Good luck and let us know the final result.
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