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OK thanks. I'm wondering if I didn't do that wrong. I put them in my food processor (forgetting I had a smaller one) and then added them still kind of chopped and not more grounded. I went back to the store yesterday and got some more vanilla and looked for hazelnut flour but didn't see any. No worries though. Found another recipe for just chocolate cake, substituted the vanilla for hazelnut extract and then chopped up hazelnuts (this time in my smaller chopper) and added....
Thought about something. What about the ground hazelnut it asked for? I took chopped hazelnuts and grounded them in a food processor. Would that make a difference on if they should be like powder or minced looking??
Not sure if you can see this one right but this is what they looked like.
I leveled out all my ingredients just perfect. Made sure they were room temperature. I filled the cupcakes only half way and they just sunk in. I've never had cupcakes do that. Now you show me a beautiful baked cake with it and I just want to say WTH? lol Now I do have a new oven. Someone mentioned maybe it needs to be calibrated. So I don't know. I've baked a few cakes already and they all baked fine. Thanks for the help. I guess I will try again and check my oven too
I've been looking for a chocolate hazelnut cake recipe (from scratch) and came across this one for cupcakes. When I baked them they were all nice and pretty rising. Then they started to pop and let air out and sink. I don't know if something is wrong with the recipe or what. I did exactly everything it said. I've NEVER had a cake do this to me. Bought new baking soda thinking that was just old and same thing happened. If someone can help I'd really appreciate it. Even if...
Sorry I agree with AZcouture. If you can't do it, you don't want to deliver a cake that isn't up to her standards especially on her wedding day! When I have a client who doesn't want fondant but wants something I know needs to have "perfect" details, I suggest making the entire cake buttercream but the "logo" or "character" in fondant. Works SO much better than trying to make perfect lines or even doing the star piping thing. Good luck with that.
Thanks for the suggestions. I really appreciate it!Mel
Hey guys. I need help with something. I have to make a cake for my friend's little girl and I was wondering, how do I make a peace sign look like watercolor on the fondant?? I will try to attach a picture of the cake I'm trying to duplicate. Any help will be greatly appreciated.Mel
That was awesome! I'm hoping I can pull off making a dragon cake for my son in a couple weeks. It won't be laying flat like that one. He wants it to be 3-D. Wish me luck!! lolMel
It says my shipment is on it's way and I should get it by Thursday. That is not as fast as yours but I definately like that I will get it in time before I need it that evening or Friday morning. I like others hated paying the shipping cost for it but I can't find it here and GSA has the fondant that is much better than other kinds. Glad I found it somewhere to purchase.Mel
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