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I've been using gum-tex for years to make gumpaste. It always worked great until the new can I bought a couple of weeks ago. The gumpaste turns out terrible, it cracks awfully, no stretch, I'm hating it. I've made quite a few batches with it. I've tried using less gum-tex thinking maybe that would help, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.  Just wondering if I got a bad can or if others are having the same problem.
I love it! What a great guy! So sweet that he was offended that you didn't just ask him.
I am having a terrible time finding champagne flavoring. What suppliers are there in the bay area or Sacramento that might carry this? I have a license so I can buy from the wholesalers. TIA!
I found champagne flavoring on their site. source that ordered it for me locally can't get it anymore and I have tons of orders for champagne cake. Dawn was the company that carried it. Does anyone have a good source for champagne flavoring?
I use the wilton plastic dowels all the time and I love them. I have a hard time getting them cut exactly straight too, but it doesn't cause any problems. I also pound the long 1/4" wooden dowel down through the whole stacked cake. Just sharpen the end first and hammer away. I use cardboard cake circles under my tiers. Refrigerating an assembled cake will really help on delivery. HTH
I use orange extract mixed with the luster dust to spray through the airmaster. One thing I learned is not to try the sparkle dusts. They have larger particles that clog the airbrush. The orange or lemon extracts work to mix the dusts with, they evaporate very fast like alcohol. I don't really measure, I mix a container of luster dust with probably a tablespoon of extract. If it's not thin enough it clogs too easy. If it's not thick enough, you will have to spray a couple...
Bonnie, I just looked at your website and your cakes are way too nice to let this woman get the best of you. I read through your testimonials on your site and so many people have said wonderful things about your cakes and you. Maybe it would help you to read through them again. I can relate to your situation, I had a wacko mother of the bride last February. She claimed the bottom tier crumbled when they went to cut it and they couldn't get any nice slices out of it. The...'s where I get mine. Free shipping too, which saves a lot! They have the gold boards which I really like, no more wrapping boards!
Are you sure she wants scratch? All the bakeries here use mixes.
Do you have any cake left? If so just stick some pieces in between the layers until it's level. Or just lay more icing on the side that's low.
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