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thank you for the warning. I don't know
I am down sizing my cake production. I am trying to sell off some of my tools, and can't find anyone who needs them. So I thought I'd try here. I have a number of things new(never used) and others gently used. is the link to where I am currently selling them. Scroll down to May 30th and look for Cake in the title. There are photos there as well. I figured if anyone would need them it would be someone from here. I am willing...
I have been watching clips on YouTube and I am seeing a lot of decorators using marzipan then fondant to cover cakes. Is this an every day type of cake? Is butter cream frostings not the norm? What does marzipan taste like?Just was wondering.
I am doing a cup cake wedding at the end of June. 200 cup cakes.....My question is what is the best way to transport them?
I have been looking at the pics of the steak cakes, and a lot of them are done with red velvet. Was this just because they liked the flavor, or they hold up better for this cake?Can this cake be done with just butter cream? I'm sure it would look better and more realistic via the fondant. I was wondering if anyone had tried it in straight butter cream.
Is there a difference in the recipe when you use MM fluff? That's the one I've been using. Maybe I'll give the bag of MM just for kicks.Thanks
I have used MMF when I loved in Duluth, MN. It worked like a dream. I love the stuff. Then moved out to Flagstaff, AZ. It is very sticky here in AZ(we went from humid weather to dry heat) Once on the cake I get multiple air pockets. It doesn't drape smoothly. All in all, the cake looks like a 4 year old did it. I have pulled the MMF off the cake and smoothed the frosting on the cake. Kneaded the MMF, added more powdered sugar. Rolled it out to about 1/4 inch...
I did a wedding cake with fresh strawberries, but I also used strawberry sauce. Check out my gallery. It was was really easy, but the ones on top kept falling off. It wasn't until after the wedding I realized I should have secured them in with tooth picks. Hope this helps.
Ok I goofed on the charge part. But as for the flavors go....I do this out of my home, not pro by any means. She is a friend of a friend. Did I give her too many choices? Out of my home.....I don't have cake "on hand", I have ingredients on hand.
I am doing a cake tasting next week, and have a question. For those of you who do do you do it? are the cakes in a mini cup cake form?do you make up a whole recipe of that flavor of cake?do you charge for this tasting?My customer is wanting to taste my three chocolate, 2 vanilla, and my carrot flavors. Is the a way to make these recipes in small portions with the same taste? I have charged her $50 for this tasting. If she chooses to go with me as the...
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