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I have a question for those of you who may regularly make quinceanera cakes...when you quote, do you use party cake serving sizes or wedding cake serving sizes? Meaning if they get a 6-8-10 are they getting 74 servings (wedding) or 48 servings (party)? I guess maybe what I'm asking is do they typically cut the bigger slices or should I assume they're the smaller wedding sized ones? TIA!
I would recommend interning in a bakery if you can- this will give you an idea of all aspects of the job- it's a dirty, tiring, hard job- you really have to love the end result to keep pluggin away! You then need to start with a business plan to get all of your finances straight. I budgeted 8,000 for my start up, and it cost 13,000.00. So be sure to have some serious cash flow, and at least 5 years to get it up and running smoothly and to turn a profit. Good luck!
Anyone have the same prob/might know the cause of the prob of cake tiers that develop HUGE air bubbles under the buttercream icing? I'vce had a few cakes do this recently. They're fine while being iced. Put them in fridge and when they start to warm up, they start to "grow a huge bubble under the buttercream, making it poof out. You can kinda pop the bubble, but then have to resmooth the icing. Just had a customer say it happened to her once she got home. Grrr..... I seem...
I may know how to solve all of your huimidity problems! I opened up my shop about 6 mo ago- and it was the first time I had used a commercial fridge. RUINED about the first 4 cakes I put in here- they came out with pools of condensation on them. Called the guy at True and he talked to my hubby about a solutiuon. Basically, the humidity is created when the fan is running but not the cooling condenser. So- my hubby rewired it so the fan would only come on when the cooling...
worth it!
That's MY site! I had someone professioanlly do my site- but not too much of a fan- it's verrry "bloggy"...changing it soon- but glad you like it!
Just a guess here- but I would think you won't be able to charge the same. There's no way the market would support it. You'll either need to lower your prices or put the biz on hold. Hopefully you'll end up in a metro area. Good luck with it all- kinda a stinky situation to be in...wish you the best!
The one I have is electric. Yes- the heating elements are under and above each rack, so there is no moving them- but I wouldn't relly need to anyway. Baked my cookies in them yesterday- NFSC- and they were wonderful as well! Thanks for the tip about filling from the top! I got mine from A City Discount in Atlanta.
Thanks so much for the replies, y'all!! To answer some of you- we are already open- but just by appointment. If any of you are in the area, we are having an open house on July 25th from 2-5pm- free cake and coffee!! We will also be showcasing the rest of the building where we will be holding events. Yes- the website in my signature is mine. The oven bakes like a dream- but having major issues with the condensation in the's always something!
I know a lot of people ask here- so my two cents on what to buy when looking for an oven for your bakery? Deluxe!! Just finishing up my first real batch of cakes- "real" meaning all different flavors and sizes together- and they have all come out level, evenly baked, and I did not have ot turn them once. As far as I can tell, there are no hot spots!~ For those interested, it's a single phase, CR-2-4. Yay!!
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