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Any thoughts on how to make good looking guitar stings for a guitar cake? I'm planning on a fondant covered electric guitar cake for a 6 year old, but the strings have me stumped. Thanks, everyone!angie
Some people are just out of their minds. Hope it gets to the wedding!
I took the classes, but I had never decorated a cake before in my life! Down the road, I enjoyed it so much that I became an instructor. I had lots of experienced cake decorators take the class and all of them were glad they did. And you do meet some great people!I think everyone should take any available class when it comes to something they love to do. You will always learn something. And I always added extra material to each course!Good luck!angie
Thank you so much for sharing! Amazing work! And great photography.
I saw the episode, and obviously they needed something "dramatic" to focus on. I thought it was a joke. I mean, did it seriously set him back to frost a small ding???? Anyway, I agree that they have total footage they can pick apart if they wanted to. Overall, it's disappointing that they had to reduce to such tactics to create a problem where there clearly wasn't one. Great cake! And glad that you're on CakeCentral! You're very talented!angie
Trial and error with mine. I looked at it like I was designing a dress. Seemed to work okay. (was the purple princess dress) The mermaid one was much easier for me, though, since it was a bikini top.Good luck!angie
I'm having a snow day, too. It officially has trapped me in the house. Can't open the front door!!!!!!!!!! It's pretty, I'll say that much. angie
Seriously, if someone upset you or was rude, then just tell them so. What's the point of starting a thread to make a generalization about certain rude people? It's a forum. There are SO MANY people on it, and there are so many personalities. Some are stronger than others, and it's hard to gauge a tone from behind your computer screen. Sure, some posters go over-board, but why wouldn't you just tell them their comments are rude instead of starting a thread about...
How exciting to have Buddy on the board! (Hi, Buddy! Big fan!!) I don't post as much as I used to, but I need to say that this site is filled with enormous talent! I have always been in awe watching the Food Network Challenges.Sorry to the original poster, but starting a thread about cake decorators that annoy you is pretty inconsiderate. There are a lot more well known cake decorators on this site than you realize.Anyway, I wish I had half the talent and the guts to...
Some great tips on this thread! I've only made leaves once and need to make them again for an upcoming cake, but I made the leaves and just painted them with oranges, browns, greens and yellows with vodka. I then put piping gel on them to make them shiny.For this next cake I need much thinner leaves and I'm going to dust them with gold shimmer dust.Good luck with your cake!angie
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