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It might be an edible image.
I hope someone wil be able to help me. I have a friend who is from Puerto Rico, and I am making him a birthday cake. He requested a yellow cake with bavarian cream. I am good with that. But then he said his favorite cake that he used to get from a bakery in Puerto Rico was a yellow cake with bavarian cream and puff pastry and powdered sugar. For the life of me, I can't seem to find anything online like this. Does anyone know what he may be talking about?
I always end up having to change out my grass tip because it almost seems like it gets clogged. It doesn't come out with the little grass blades, it comes out as mush. So I have a few and rotate them. No idea why this is happening. Maybe my hands are to warm or something.
Thank you !!! I think I will use the college logo and something like "All I wanna be when I grow up is... or something like - Congratulations, a new Journey Begins. Thanks you so much
Hoping I can pick your brains on this. I am making a High School Grad cake. It will be a 2 tier cake wth the tradional black and gold and cap an diploma. Also will be including her grad pic. But the mother would also like me include something to do with where she is going t college and that she will be majorig in education. I don't want to put something childish on the cake..and all I can think of at this point is an Apple or chalkboard. Any ideas on what I could...
This is just the info I was looking for. Will it still be ok if it is frosted in ButterCream with Fondant accents? Will the fondant slide or anthing
Hopefully someone out there can help me. I have an order to make an engagement ring box with the lid open and the large ring standing up in it. I am ok with the box and the lid. My concern is the actual ring. I would think I would need some sort of support for this and how does is stand up in the cake? Do I put wires or something in it? My plan was to do the ring part out of fondant/gumpaste, and the diamond out of chocolate. Since the chocolate diamond would be...
I really need to pick your brains. I have a lady who wants me to make a cake that looks like a tanning bed. I am ok with the bottom of the cake, but how on earth am I going to make the top of the cake look open and actually have the cake not fall? Any ideas would be so appreciated.
I have a Cannon IP4500 - And I just attempted to refill the cartridges. But I guess I need a Chip Resetter? Any idea where I can get one with out ordering on-line? Can I get something like that at Best Buy or office max or something? Or is there a way around that completely?
Ok - I am hoping someone can help me. I have a 9x13 cake pan, and I used to use the 11x15 cake boxes and boards. However, now I can only find the 10x14 - I just don't think that leaves enough room on the side. I have looked everywhere I can think of. Maybe they just don't make them anymore? but if anyone knows where I can find 11x15 cake boxes and boards I would be truly greatful. What size boards do you use for a 9x13 cake? Maybe I am just crazy, or I am using an...
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