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Interesting, I'll need to try that sugarshack recipe!  I have terrible fears of melting buttercream cakes...
I've only recently started charging for tastings myself, but only do take-away.  I give them a nice box with either 12 regular-sized cupcakes with filling, or 24 mini cupcakes with no filling.  3 or 4 flavours for $20.  Covers the cost & time to bake & ice them. I figure, it's your business so charge what you feel is worth your time & supplies! Kvand, I like your idea of multiple fillings!
Keeps for a pretty long time if airtight, like metria says above!  It's really just icing sugar and marshmallows, not much to go "off" in there.  I find it still gets dried out, but re-warming and kneading seem to fix.
Hey Melanie, what did you decide? I'm considering doing something similar so I'm curious
Thanks so much for posting the instructions, it's very generous of you!
Maybe you just need to add a bit more fluid (I use milk) to make up for the cocoa? I do like katskreations and add 3/4 cup cocoa and 2 tbsp milk to my regular BC, and beat the heck out of it
OMG, those are some funny stories! I don't think the poke was too noticeable after I fixed it, but what if I hadn't gone back for a picture! I didn't see the bride & groom, as the reception was in full swing by the time I delivered the cake I hope they liked it!
A "cutom poke" Thanks for the kind words!
How bout this one? (not mine) You could write one of those messages above, like "sending home for good" or maybe "do not return to sender"
I think it depends on where you live. There is money in wedding cakes if you live in a large area. I live in a small town, so we only see a few weddings a year, whereas there are lots of birthdays that need cakes, which are my main business.
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